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Every Drop Counts (EDC)

Every Drop Counts (EDC) is the first Real-Time System in Saudi Arabia that consists of a sensor device, and an application to monitor, manage, control, and to set standards for water usage within a single water consuming source.


Lara Yasser Alkhouli

Dr. Manar Salamah Ali

Sherin Hisham Sameh

Re Braille

A quiet braille mechanical typewriter that allows the typist to proof the text and edit it if needed before embossing the paper.


Waleed Mohamad Jan

Emad Mohamad Jan

Abdullah Mohamad Jan

Kool Snack

Koolsnack: healthy, delicious, and easy to carry snacks. Made from local, natural, wholesome and real ingredients people know and can understand!


Mohammed Hakeem

Rami Kinsara

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