Round one Judges

Name: Mustafa Zaatari
Creative Director
Name: Tawfeeq Ali
Company: Community Jameel
Position: Business Technology Development Manager
Name: Lujain Al Ubaid
Company: Tasamy for social entrepreneurship
Position: Co-Founder and CEO
Name: Mona Othman
Company: Naqaa Sustainability Solutions
Position: Co-founder and Sustainability specialist
Name: Mounir Kabbara
Company: Emaar Economic City
Position: Manager, City Development & Operations
Name: Yusr Yamani
Company: Nashmi Services
Position: Founder
Name: Anita Juho
Company: MBSC
Position: Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship
Name: Marwa Obaid
Company: Kernel Innovation Co.
Position: CEO & Innovation Consultant
Name: Fadi Alawami
Company: Forbes Middle East
Position: Contributor
Name: Yahia Kafi
Company: ALJCI
Position: CFO
Name: Samer Hamadeh
Company: Abdul Latif Jameel
Position: Director
Name: Ramez Azab
Company: International Medical Center
Position: Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility
Name: Mohammed Alduwais
Company: Axelly
Position: Founder
Name: Hussain Bassi
Company: King Abdulaziz University
Position: Assistant Professor - Chair of Electrical Engineering Dept

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